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Branding challenges can be difficult to overcome, but they are essential for businesses that want to succeed in the long term. By understanding the challenges and developing strategies to overcome them, businesses can create strong brands that will resonate with their target audience.

EduMaker Hub

In Pisga Center, I am part of a (small) team that devised a fascinating process of a makerspace with a unique pedagogical work concept that emphasizes learning and assessment processes.

I established the Center for Makers in Education website, on this website there is content that allows community of teachers to consume our knowledge easily, a long-term training program was built that includes basic training and shorter training courses in content that includes code and robotics, product design and 3D design, technical trainings and trainings for introducing the maker field to kindergartens.
In addition, I accompany teachers in the field and establish educational centers in schools that include a unique learning program for the unique pedagogical concept of the school and the supervisor in the field.

Pedagogical content design

Pedagogical content design is first of all understanding the educational goals of the content and the pedagogical goals behind it and the methodical use of them, the work process includes understanding the content for whom it is intended and in what way it is intended to be used, the purpose of the design is to support and promote the use of the pedagogical content.

Designing learning environments

Designing learning spaces (physical space) requires, as a start, familiarity with the pedagogical concept of the school, observation of the students' conduct in the space and understanding the change in learning that the design will bring.
Designing learning spaces is not a product of a pattern or generic furniture and happy colors... additional variables must be taken into account, such as unique needs and characteristics of the learners who require to provide them with a considerate and pleasant learning environment.
There are many trends (most of them amazing) but learners who stay in class more than 15 minutes in total are in class for at least 6 hours (not including breaks) are not taken into account.

Me Me and Me

My day job is at the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Passage Center. I work in a number of arenas, pedagogical content design, learning environment design, concentration of the maker field, interior design, design and development of experience spaces, teaching aid design.

The work processes are generally team-based, but in certain areas I enjoy autonomy that allows me to bring strengths and build new arenas of action that affect learning processes in educational spaces.

The possibility of making a change and having an impact in the field is fascinating and allows me to learn and flex barrier-bypassing processes on the fly.

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