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Career in education

At the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa PISGA center we initiated the establishment of career paths in education, the challenge was to differentiate the concept from the professional development that is done normally, long learning paths in depth learning, a bold step from the point of view of the Ministry of Education They were looking for a way to represent the concept in such a way that would convey the difference in the event. I cut out basic shapes which inspired me to create a unique font and from there I transformed into bright and bold colors

Pedagogical design | Hadash high school

Pedagogical content design is, in my view, a unique field that does not receive sufficient emphasis, for design to play a key role in making the content accessible, in creating rhythm and interest, attracting readers and viewers to the content and thus making it accessible The final product should maintain a delicate balance and not overpower the texts, the goal is to invite the viewers to browse and interact with the presented content. Unfortunately, pedagogical content design does not receive an adequate and balanced response in most cases, in the best case it will receive a generic decoration, in the worst case the content will suffer and become secondary. The potential to challenge the world of education with an artistic design statement and thereby create a sometimes kicking and even subversive space is a fun playground that not everyone gets.

Pending projects | No title

Everyone has projects on hold, a flash of an idea that is realized later and sometimes in a different context, the beginning of work that has not been realized or an idea that had to come to fruition but is waiting for the right moment

Escape rooms

One of the specializations in the space in which I create deals with the field of playing in learning. Two projects in which I took part were the design of escape rooms, one at the Passage Center (a game within a game) and the other at the Beit Ariela library (the crown challenge). The process of working on each of them took about a year, most of the time was devoted to research, formulating a central theme, creating a route and formulating stations and user experience. I did the design of the game stations and the tightening of the order of operations with a professional outside party in the field of building this type of spaces The "game within a game" space allows 15-25 participants to play simultaneously and solve one big problem. It is not a closed space and the use of mobile phones is allowed, each station combines electronic and mechanical elements together with high-order thinking puzzles In the second space, the "Crown Challenge" was designed and built in the Rambam Library (a Torah library) as part of a desire to make the contents of the library accessible to the general public through a game Groups of 4-8 participants go through a route waiting for Maimonides' crown and what happened to it, which brings them to learning through play

Dana Children's Hospital

We were invited by the educational team of Dana Children's Hospital (Ichilov) to provide advice regarding the study environment. During the meeting, a difficulty arose that the team encountered and it is a better accompaniment of the children and parents in the process they go through as part of medical treatment. The educational team described the difficulty of reaching everyone, and said that there are brochures from about 20 years ago that were produced with a lot of work, but today they do not correspond to a treatment protocol and, in addition, the accessibility of verbal and visual content does not correspond to these days. From that moment we began to plan and create a new brochure, in the process we broke down the route that the young patients go through with their families from the time they enter the hospital. The process had many partners, from the reception team, the nurses, doctors, psychologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists... and the hospital's CEO At the same time, I created a different character from the characters that accompany the Dana B.H. logo, and this is to create one character without gender and human markers, aiming at the language we used was neutral, through Benji's eyes the children, the girls and their families are told about the process they will go through. After a one-month pilot and corrections, we switched to mass printing and the brochures are considered a success We tried to make the brochures accessible in an interactive digital mode, but due to difficulties we stopped this process Still looking to realize the idea

Home Baker

Everyone has a project that they love so much but the God of the Unfair prevented it from going on the world air I was approached by a well-known baker with a heavy kitchenware made of clay and cast it to create an oven inside a home oven, so I took it home to try. Between one square after another (I baked a few and the reviews raved) and Illustrator I created several logos, the first one I designed was inspired by the tool itself, I designed at the client's request several more logos from an association game we did and returned to the first one. Unfortunately the project did not come to fruition and in my eyes it was simply ahead of its time, it is clear to me that if it had been released during the Corona days it would have been a crazy hit

Dikla Glazer

Dikla Glazer, a talented designer, turned to me for help designing a logo when she became independent, her portfolio already had several projects, when we were working on the logo we were looking for a way to differentiate the brand and not frame it to a typical design style, the goal was to create a clean and minimal logo that would last for years to come and would still be relevant. The logo and website that I designed reflect Dikla's style, her love of precision with personal touches and attention to detail

Shirley Zamir

The client contacted me to help her solve a problem with the visibility of her image website. We started by ignoring the existing site, in view of the client's desire to preserve the general structure. We tried to understand what was not working correctly on the site and continued to better characterize needs, which would lead to better visibility and easier orientation on the new site. I redesigned the structure of the site and softened the colors that dominated it, the work time allotted for the whole process was about three weeks. The site was designed and built on the wix platform and was optimized for mobile viewing.

Rosh Hutzot

The Rosh Hutzot and Jackie Becher group is engaged in directing and producing artistic shows and creative outdoor events that always leave the spectators speechless. The process of working with the Rosh Chutz group was an interesting and very fun experience for me, these are people for whom the pursuit of art and aesthetics is a daily thing, and the meetings took place between costumes and accessories. In our first meeting we redefined the role of the new website, I learned the structure of the company and what the needs and desires of the company managers are. The continuation of the process was done in a more limited forum when the work was divided into organizing materials (on the client's side), creating layout proposals for the parts of the site (on my side) and everything was accompanied by mutual feedback throughout the entire process. At the end of the process, the new website went live, accompanied mainly by movement, color, images and information.


Infographics are a great way to convey knowledge At the PISGA center I design different infographics in different fields (mainly sciences) The infographics in front of you are placed in schools in the city (except for the "laws of lifting" which I designed for my nephews).

Fit Point

Opening a boutique training space in a residential environment needs to stand out in the neighborhood, the clients asked for a bold, prominent and different logo After field research I did I came to this result, later a connection was made with the interior designer they hired to complete the urban look.

Green button solutions

Green Button is a company I have worked with for several years, the company created an applicative business card layered with information in which I designed several parts for the company's various customers. The company's customers are medium and small business owners who have no network visibility and this is where the green button comes in, providing a customized solution for the customers when behind the scenes there are real people who build the application for them and not an automatic algorithm. The only problem is that the existing template was very templated. After years, the developer wanted to upgrade the visibility of the system but to maintain a well-known structure so that it would also accommodate backward customers, so I designed two templates for him that should give a slightly smoother appearance.

Beit Zuri school library

The original design proposal for the school's library was schematic and templated as well as incompatible with design and educational concepts in 2021, I was asked to create an inviting and softer space that also allows for learning in the space but does not occupy an entire space The alternative focused on creating a flowing and soft space that allows reading to be encouraged in a pleasant and innovative space The structure of the bookshelves is not schematic or symmetrical but contains a high number of titles, dynamic learning spaces and soft seating environments for the benefit of the learners

Design for print

Designing for print is one of the things I like, there is something very gratifying about the reality of the printed material that requires precision from the start because once the printing press starts working, a comma in the wrong place remains until a new print, unlike online design when there is flexibility and the possibility to change and correct even after publication.


The client is a serial entrepreneur who we have worked on several projects together in the past, in this case he asked me to brand a new venture that would present the product in the most direct way for a specific and individual product that he sells in his Amazon store. The client's desire for clear and direct branding resulted in a focused and relatively short work process. At the end of the branding process, we moved on to designing the packaging layout for the product and advertising materials for Amazon, Facebook page and the client's website.
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